Kate Reimann

muse & ponder; ponder & write

Writing for my life.

Writing.  Inspired by Life. 

The beginning

Kate began writing in the fifth grade when her teacher asked the class to write their own chapter in The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis.  What most fifth graders struggled with became a twelve page epic journey into the imagination of a ten year old girl, and the beginning of a long, circuitous path to a career in writing (oh, and an "A"...).

The now

After a few meaningful deviations (law school, masters in education, two children, several military moves...) Kate has found herself right back where she started:  at her most comfortable, with pen--er--laptop in hand and turning words into moving prose, passionate requests, and sophisticated information...and, she'd like to think, still getting "A's".


Whether a ghostwriter, columnist, copywriter, or advocate, Kate will buff simple sentences until they sparkle, crafting prose that makes you shine. 


Make an impact together. 

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